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Our Story – Why ETISHE Exists


Slow fashion represents a human approach with low impact, relying on the sustainable treasure of nature. But what does it mean to be an ethical fashion brand in such a fast pacing world? 

Who we are

We believe in a world where fashion is ethical, where design-driven beautiful collections can be created in a sustainable way with minimal impact on our planet, environment, and humankind. 

ETISHE was born in a critical time, within the turmoil and sense of uncertainty of 2020. This time has not only inspired us but deepened our conviction that the world is calling for a different approach, one that shows respect and appreciation towards the gifts nature has given us. 

Our love and care for the environment changed the way we looked at fashion and we found ourselves having a hard time finding the type of clothes we could proudly wear. 

The need for high-quality, sustainable clothing and our care for the environment has been our driver to create a new type of fashion brand, one that is ethical, practical, and desirable to like-minded people. 


Positioning on the market

ETISHE stands for Ethical Fashion. We created a premium fashion apparel company that is ethical and sustainable in all stages of production. Starting from the fabrics our clothes are made of through the final packaging, we use only 100% ethically sourced, organic, and recycled materials. 

Our brand represents an initiative that hopefully inspires others as well, so more brands can take action in the future and be part of the change.

The issues we care about and the solutions we have

We believe that climate change is the single most pressing issue our generation is facing and those that follow. Raising awareness is just as part of our mission as making a positive impact through our eco-friendly fashion apparel. 

Here’s why we chose a different path and position ourselves as an ethical, sustainability-driven fashion brand:

  • Overproduction and increase of waste: Due to cheap quality, thousands of tons of clothes end up in waste, because they simply can’t be worn anymore. This contributes to the plastic pollution that has already got out of control and damages the landfills by ruining the ecosystem and creating visual noise. We aim to create high-quality, premium clothes that are made to last for many years to come.
  • Limitations to resell: Another burning issue with low-quality clothing is that once you got bored of it, it is almost impossible to resell. When the latest collection is already out at a cheap price, no one will want to buy your worn-out, “out-of-style” pieces. Luckily, high-quality premium clothing can be resold easily and it is no secret that our goal is to create timeless and durable pieces you can proudly wear for a long time.
  • The impact of non-sustainable fabrics: Non-sustainable fabrics are the main reason for the chemical pollution of water and air; they have a damaging impact on monocultures and farming lands and are also responsible for inhuman working conditions. At Etishe, we use only natural, recycled, eco-friendly, and ethically sourced GOTS certified organic fabrics. Also, we take extra care of creating a healthy working environment where we can be respectful towards each other and the work we do.
  • High emissions generated by fashion supply chains: Fabric production comes with high water usage and high emissions. Not only this but as most fabric factories are located in Asia, shipment to Europe consumes a lot of energy. Both shipment and logistics are driven mostly by fossil fuel. Our solution to this issue is to source most fabrics from EU manufacturers. This way we not only reduce our CO2 emissions but also help the nearby economy.  
  • Unfair wages: Most workers in the textile and fashion industry work in terrible conditions and earn unfair wages. As an ethical fashion brand, we understand the value of each and every person, and we know that the success of our mission relies on them as well. Staying true to ourselves, we treat everyone we work with respectfully, offering fair wages to our employees and creating a positive working environment.  
  • Direct impacts on climate change: Unfortunately, the fashion industry has some direct impacts on climate change. Chemical pollution, plastic waste, greenhouse gas emissions, overproduction, and failing at recycling are some of the most burning problems we face. As a small brand, we understand that we cannot directly generate a positive impact in all sectors, but we can offer initiatives we hope others will follow. Until then, we happily share parts of our profits with environmental NGOs with more influence, hoping they can reach a wider audience.

Our clothes  

We aim to be a progressive sustainable fashion brand, creating beautiful design-driven clothes while making a very much-needed positive impact on the fashion industry.

For the past few years, we had a hard time finding the type of clothes we desire and would proudly wear due to our increasing care for our environment along with our personal taste in fashion.

Establishing our brand, Etishe finally allowed us to embody the things we love and value. 

Our collection consists of high-quality, timeless women’s apparel that is made to last. Each and every piece of clothing we design is sustainable, durable, and practical, allowing you to wear it for many years to come. Thanks to the quality of the fabrics we use in our production, these clothes do not require a replacement seasonally, they will always stand out and turn heads. 

Our goal is to embrace all ages, races, and identities by offering a gentle touch of nature with minimal human impact. 

The materials and fabrics we use

To us, sustainability starts with the fabrics and materials we use in our production. We only use GOTS-certified organic fabrics and maintain a cruelty-free, ethical production process. 

Here’s a sneak peek of the materials our clothes are made of:

  • Eco Vero
  • Tencel/Lyocell
  • Organic cotton
  • Recycled polyester
  • Organic wool
  • Organic hemp
  • Cupro
  • Organic linen
  • Vegan cactus leather
  • Vegan apple leather

We are proud to use only sustainable fabrics in our collection. They are all eye-catching, impressive treasures of nature, with real character that cannot remain unnoticed. 

And after all, what else is a better conversation starter than clothes made of cactus or recycled PET bottles? 

Ethics and values that lead us on our journey

  • Sustainability – Using only natural, recycled, eco-friendly, ethically sourced fabrics and maintaining a production that has no damaging impact on the environment.
  • Transparency – Honesty has always been key to us. That’s why we are fully transparent about the suppliers we work with and the fabrics we use. 
  • Fairness – We pay fair wages to all of our employees and suppliers and treat them with respect regardless of race, gender, identity, or religion.
  • Creativity – We do our best to approach both the fashion industry and our environment with appreciation, creating beautiful designer clothes that are made to impress.